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5 Reasons We're All Potty About Indoor Plants

We love plants.

It's January (almost February). Grey. And spring still feels like it's taking a long time to arrive. But, plants. They are green and beautiful and remind us that life and nature is all around us. We couldn't be happier that the growing indoor plant trend  continues to grow (*wink*) and we are filling our homes with as many as we can.

Here's just five reasons why we all need more houseplants in our lives.

1. For All Shapes and Sizes

Plants are ideal for bringing life to every room. No matter the size, you can always find room for a plant. And if you live in a more urban area, you can create your own indoor garden. Happiness in a pot!

2. Not Just Pretty Faces

The aesthetic benefits of houseplants are clear, but did you know that they also have real health benefits? Shown to reduce anxiety, stress and blood pressure in hospital patients, plants and gardening - even indoors - is used in horticultural therapy to improve mental health and well-being.

3. Breathe Easy

In 1989 NASA conducted a Clean Air experiment and concluded that houseplants do indeed improve the quality of our air, removing harmful toxins. Apparently the bigger the leaf surface, the better the plant's purfication properties. And if NASA said so, we feel inclined to agree. 

4. Super Smart

Not only do houseplants benefit us emotionally, but The Royal College of Agriculture found that students who had indoor plants in their classrooms had 70% better attention. They also had higher attendance too. Sounds like a good idea to fill the room if you work or study from home and need to focus.

5. Make it All Better

A study by the Agricultural University of Norway found that plants helped reduced symptoms such as a dry throat, headaches, coughing, dry facial skin and fatigue were all reduced by the presence of houseplants. In the region of 20-40% depending on the symptom.

So if you need an excuse to buy more greenery for your indoor spaces (as if we do really), then look no futher than these five point well made by people who are very smart indeed.

They all agree. Houseplants - good.