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Material Guide

Our Materials


Our all-weather rattan is made from recycled plastic (PE/polyethylene) and we have worked with the factory to make it as natural looking in appearance with an almost tufted finish on some weaves. The woven rattan is extremely hardwearing and durable, making it a very practical weatherproof material for outdoor garden products. The rattan is hand woven over a lightweight but immensely strong aluminium frame. The rattan is both UV proof so that it will not fade and waterproof however we still recommend covering or storing the PE Rattan furniture and cushions away from the elements over the winter months to help prolong their life. The cushions provided with our outdoor furniture are showerproof and can be removed and washed on a low 30 degree wash..


Like our rattan this plastic (PE/Polyethylene) weave cleverly imitates the natural bamboo material whilst making it entirely weatherproof. The outer powder coated frames have been wrapped with the PE ribbon and then mixed with strong rounded 'bamboo' like struts to create this open weave effect. It is both showerproof and UV proof, suitable for both indoors and outdoors but like all garden furniture should be covered if left outdoors over the Winter months.


Our Cement Fibre range is crafted from a compound of cement, sand and fibre to form a panelled boxed top. The material is very unique and weatherproof set on natural acacia wood legs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, to clean please simply wipe with a damp cloth. The surface is hardwearing but should not be dropped or man-handled as it may chip or scratch. We recommend fully covering these items over the winter months.


We sell a range of ceramic plant pots where every piece is handmade in organic shapes with unique textures and glazes. Items are designed for indoor use only and the finish, markings and glaze colours will vary slightly from piece to piece yet we feel this adds to the characteristic of each product.


Our range of coir doormats come with a vinyl, water resistant backing. Each piece is made from natural coconut fibres meaning some coir pith may be visible yet this doesn't affect the overall functionality of the item. Recommended for indoor use only, to clean please vacuum rather than shake.


Traditional in style our vitreous enamel kitchen range mixes crisp white tones with our signature Garden Trading colourways. The outer glaze may chip if knocked or dropped so please treat with loving care. Most items are dishwasher safe but please do not clean with abrasive sponges. Enamel is not microwave safe and can get very hot when in use.


Our Fair Trade felt collection is handmade in rural Nepal from 100% sheep's wool. Using only natural dyes the neutral colourways will add a soft warm touch to your home. To clean simply hand wash separately in cold or luke warm water and do not tumble dry.


Our hot dipped galvanised range of outdoor lights are extremely durable and weatherproof, even in coastal locations. Each product is dipped in molten zinc after manufacture ensuring it will last outdoor for many years. The rough texture is a part of the process and an intrinsic part of the product. Over time the shine will dull to a soft silver finish in your garden.


Our marble is natural and unvarnished, selected from various quarries around the world for its colour and texture. As with all natural stone products, care should be taken as items will crack if dropped. Please clean and maintain with hot soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.


Organic and hand made our Ndiorokh range is woven in Senegal using the traditional Senegalese Wolof weaving technique. Each piece is made by women in the Thiès region using a local grass (ndiorokh) interwoven with long strips of coloured plastic typically used for bazin mats, similar to prayer mats. This gives a tightly formed and spiralled appearance to each piece


Our paulownia wood range is naturally light but strong making it perfect for use in decorative storage items. Hand carved, each piece is organic in shape and appearance, we have made sure the natural wood grains, barks and markings shine through to become prominent features. The material has not been tested for use with food and should not be filled with water


Our Polywood material has a very realistic appearance of wood yet its made from 100% recycled plastic. This ensures it can live outdoors and is much more durable than real wood furniture sets. The polywood material is heat-sensitive and hot items should not be placed directly onto the surface. In order to avoid stains and marks we advise wiping clean any spills to avoid discolouring. Weatherproof and hard wearing with all outdoor furniture we recommend storing under cover during the winter months.


Our outdoor steel products are 'electro coated' prior to the powder coating process to ensure that as much as possible this tough outer paint layer will act as an effective barrier to rusting. Our colours are distinctive and the powder coated metal finish provide a smooth food safe surface that can be easily cleaned. The GT colours are deliberately matt or glossy which provide contrasting finishes.


Our chunky indoor kubu rattan is sourced and hand crafted in Indonesia. Each piece is woven by hand to create intricate and organic shapes that sit beautifully beside a fireside, in a hallway or utility room. Being a natural weave we recommend not getting these items wet.


Our oak designs are made using raw kiln dried oak from Hungary. The selected oak is quite rustic allowing some knots to be visible. To clean we recommend wiping with a damp soft cloth. Water, wine and oil will mark the table so we recommend applying our Hard Wax Oil which adds a level of stain protection. Although our wood has been kiln dried please ensure all new pieces of furniture are not placed within one metre of a radiator/heat source as this may cause the material to shrink or even crack as it expands. These changes will not affect the durability or lifespan of your furniture, it simply shows us that wood is a natural material . On items such as our trays and table tops a light matt oil finish has been added to give a level of protection making them more practical for their intended use.


We use Raw Steel hand welded for a range of outdoor products which when placed in your garden will age to a natural rusted finish. The strong and durable material will remain robust and requires no extra care once placed in prime position.


Produced from old shipping pallets, our reclaimed pine is designed for indoor use only. Its rustic finish is peppered with nail holes giving it added texture and history. Each piece has been finished with a soft layer of grey paint to achieve a 'farmhouse' finish.


Our reclaimed teak is well seasoned, naturally aged and inherently rustic in finish. The reclaimed timber is mixed with responsibly sourced (SVLK certified) newer teak to aid construction and is very durable in a UK climate and will not shrink, move or crack due to the low level moisture. It has been finished with a wax seal but over time this richer honey shade will fade to a beautiful silver grey. To maintain and protect the wood we recommend using a natural teak oil or teak shield, reapplied annually. Water, wine and oil will stain if left unattended and hot items should be placed on a trivet or coaster. We recommend storing reclaimed teak under cover during the winter months.


Produced in Europe and China our collections of glass are hand blown using 100% recycled glass to create beautiful organic shapes. Due to each piece being hand made the sizes, colourings and textures will vary from piece to piece which we feel adds to the exquisite nature of the product..


Our slate is raw and untreated but naturally food safe. Like porcelain, slate is thin and strong but will break or chip if dropped or hit. To clean and maintain, please wash with warm soapy water after use. If you scratch your slate or prefer a darker subtle sheen please wipe with a thin layer of olive or vegetable oil. Slate is not dishwasher or microwave safe.


Our range of spruce furniture have been kiln dried and treated with a water based wood stain giving a soft rustic finish. For outdoor products we advise placing in a sheltered area where possible. To maintain your spruce furniture we recommend re-applying a light wood stain annually or when required.