Rattan Garden Furniture

Explore our collection of high-quality waterproof PE rattan garden furniture. Known for its durability, versatility and beautiful weave pattern, PE rattan is a perfect choice for outdoor furniture, excelling in the British climate and all its seasonal weather patterns. 


Rattan, derived from the stems of a vine-like climbing plant, is a material known for its hardiness, durability, and overall natural beauty. Handcrafted using traditional southern hemisphere weaving techniques, rattan furniture boasts a unique and organic look that adds authentic natural character to outdoor spaces.


Inspired by traditional rattan furniture qualities, our rattan garden furniture is made with a material known as PE Rattan - a preferable alternative to traditional rattan-made items that benefits from all the positive aspects of rattan and eliminates all of the shortcomings. Although natural rattan possesses inherent qualities suitable for outdoor furniture, unfortunately it has limitations and requires maintenance to combat weathering and ensure its longevity, especially in climates like those in Britain.


Constructed from the highest-quality polyethylene, our PE rattan is a synthetic material specially designed to capture the look and feel of natural rattan and improve on the limitations of its namesake. Our PE rattan offers enhanced weather resistance, providing extra protection against UV rays, precipitation, and temperature variations typical to those seen in the UK. Its robustness makes it an excellent choice for garden furniture that can withstand the elements without losing its look.


PE rattan requires little-to-no maintenance and is very easy to clean, allowing you to spend more time enjoying yourself outside in the good weather and less time worrying about your furnishings. When the clouds darken the sky and the heavens open, be assured your PE rattan furniture is safe and sound as they’re fully waterproof!

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