The Best Year-Round Outdoor Furniture

23rd Aug 2023

With summer days drawing to a close, we’re all seeking ways to extend time spent in the garden. Versatile weatherproof furniture is key to giving your outdoor space enduring appeal beyond the warmest months. These designs are crafted to survive conditions outside year-round, but are also suitably stylish for use indoors, making them a great investment. If you’re currently the owner of a garden dining or seating set which won’t brave all the seasons, protect it fully from the elements with our new furniture covers. If not, we’ve rounded up our best buys for designs you can use year-round. Ramp up the comfort factor with these transitional pieces, ideally choosing those bearing a similar colour palette to your home’s décor, so that they seamlessly link your living areas – indoors and out.

Hampstead Corner Sofa at Garden Trading

Hampstead Corner Sofa

Embrace the essence of Scandinavian design with our Hampstead Corner Sofa, a careful combination of functionality and elegance. Designed to seamlessly fit into expansive open patios, serene decking areas, or the warmth of a conservatory, this sofa is not only a showstopper but made to weather the elements. Its robust steel frame and legs contrast with a PE bamboo seat to create the perfect blend of style and strength. Off-white seat pads and cushions create a cosy spot to enjoy relaxed time with friends and family. Combine with other pieces from the Hampstead range to create a striking outdoor or indoor lounge area. To ensure this piece stands the test of time, store its cushions indoors when not in use and cover the sofa during particularly cold and wet weather.

Carrick Table at Garden Trading

Carrick Table

Bring the charm of the Riviera to your patio, courtyard or balcony with the Carrick Table, a durable piece blending form and function. Crafted from raw teak, this round-top table effortlessly provides a versatile canvas for your outdoor haven. Bring your mornings to life in a sun-kissed spot in the garden with this design, which can be perfectly paired with our Carrick Chairs or any other folding chair. The compact Carrick also folds completely flat, so the table can easily be stored away and moved around the garden or your home. The very essence of elegance, it beckons you to indulge in leisurely brunches, intimate conversations, or moments of solitary contemplation. To ensure the Carrick remains in great shape, we recommend you store it under a cover during the colder, wetter months.

Chastleton Bench at Garden Trading

Chastleton Bench

The perfect choice for placing against a garden wall, on a patio, or under a shady tree, the Chastleton Bench offers a deceptively comfortable place to sit. Combining tawny brown hues with a mellow, soft finish, this classically designed bench has a natural, rustic appearance and accommodates up to three people. Crafted with teak wood, this beautiful bench is a keepsake that should last a lifetime - particularly if it’s well cared for. Treat it to a coat of teak oil every summer and store it under a cover during the frosty winter months.

Rive Droite Bistro Collection at Garden Trading

Rive Droite Bistro Chairs

Our timeless Bistro chairs are available in a variety of colours and bring a harmonious blend of functionality and charm to your space. From enchanting lazy weekend brunches to end-of-summer sundowners, these durable chairs will be your steadfast companion throughout the ever-changing seasons. Foldable and lightweight, the Rive Droite Bistro Chairs are built to weather every storm. Let it be an embodiment of ‘joie de vivre’, an invitation to pause, celebrate, and connect. Find the perfect colourway and bring vibrancy to your garden, without planting.

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