It's Camping Season | Ideas for Summer at Home

12th Aug 2020

It's Camping Season

No matter how far we’re able to roam this summer, going back to basics sleeping under a starry sky is a precious memory to make. Whether it’s a celestial event or a weekend sleepover treat, here are ideas for making it one to remember.

Elevated Style

No matter how much fun the idea of sleeping in tent can be, there’s nothing quite like a little bit of added comfort to help get you through the night. Lift your sleep space off the ground to take camping comfort to another level with a lounger inspired by traditional military camp beds.

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Round The Fire

Keep warm with a fire pit long after sundown. And, in true camping tradition, tell campfire stories whilst toasting marshmallows or making gooey s’mores. Simply sandwich a large marshmallow between two chocolate digestive biscuits and wrap in foil before melting together over a grill or open fire. For an extra delicious twist, add a small squeeze of salted caramel sauce between the marshmallow and biscuit.

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Easy Going Enamelware

Early morning tea, or late-night hot chocolates are camping musts and enamel is the perfect camping companion. Heat water on an open fire with an enamel stove kettle and enjoy warm and toasty drinks in mugs wherever you are; confident they won’t chip or break amongst all that camping gear.

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Save a Seat

Enjoying warm sunshine and relative peace and quiet makes camping a good time for simple pleasures. Come together in comfort with camping chairs and stools made for relaxation. Settle in with a good read, or a good wine, and take a little break from daily to-do lists and work worries.

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Compact Convenience

Midnight feasts, afternoon snacks or drink garnishes. Keep campers happy with refreshments and rations whilst saving trips back to the kitchen or car for supplies. Serve food and drinks using a small foldable table to keep ants and creepy crawlies away.

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