How You Can Help Save the Bees

18th May 2022

In celebration of this year’s World Bee Day, we’ve partnered with The Woodland Trust and Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons to highlight how important it is to protect bees and raise awareness of their crucial role in our environment.“While to many they are simply the fuzzy flying insects we see farting among the flowers during the warmer months, bees are actually so much more than this, and have an important part to play in maintaining our planet.” - The Woodland Trust

Bee competition gardening images

Encourage bees into your garden and support them on their bumbling way in just a few simple steps.

- Plant a variety of pollen-rich flowers in your garden that flower year-round – whether fruit tree blooms in the spring or native wildflowers in the summer.

- Be careful of pesticides – they can harm our lovely bees, so avoid at all costs.

- Place a bee house in your garden to provide nesting sites for solitary bees and insects. Different bee species require different habitats. Fix your bee house in a south-facing spot and make sure the entrance points downwards so that rain doesn’t get in.

- Did you know honeybees collect one type of pollen per forage flight? This means it’s good to have a mix, but also important to have clumps of bee-friendly flowers together.

- Take note of what the bees in your local area gravitate towards, and plant more of that.

“At Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons we know just how important bees are in pollinating our orchard fruits and kitchen garden. As the summer approaches, plants such as lavender, foxgloves and wildflowers are perfect to attract bees and we have these in abundance here as well as hidden bee houses to encourage them to shelter and nest in. Soon, I am going to add a bee village into our gardens with a castle for the queen bee! I can’t wait.” - Raymond Blanc

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