Garden Ideas | How to Create an Outdoor Lounge

14th May 2019

The sunshine is back and with it comes lots of inspiration for making our outdoor spaces something really special to enjoy for the summer months.

It's easy for the garden to be somewhat of an afterthought, especially as we are accustomed to putting them on the backburner for long periods throughout winter.

But during the spring and summer there are some great ways of turning your outside space into a whole other additional room. To spill out into the fresh air and create a little sanctuary in the sunshine. 

We like to think of this space as an Outdoor Lounge. Somewhere to relax and have some downtime on lazy afternoons and lighter evenings after work. The place where you'll put your feet up in last few rays of the day, indulge in a glass of something and begin to unwind.

Why not try some of these tips for creating your own Outdoor Lounge. Depending on your budget, and the space available, you could complement your current layout or create something completely different for this year. If you have any ideas you'd like to share about how you created your Outdoor Lounge, we'd love to hear them in the comments below.


1. Comfortably Cushioned

The foundation of the Outdoor Lounge is its furniture. Comfortable and hard-wearing seating that will last season after season is a good place to start. Once you've determined how much space you want to give over to your arrangement, and considered how you might use it most (for BBQs, brunch or curling up with a good book) you can choose a sofa set or bistro table that matches your situation, space and style. Now you have the base to build upon.

 Heyshott armchair draped with diamond blanket on white wood decking

2. Lovely Lighting

Adding more than simple illumination, outdoor lighting can add that extra design edge to your set-up, and provide some welcome atmosphere and ambience when it begins to get dusky. Particularly nice for when you have friends round to help you enjoy your new outdoor space. Try some festoon lighting for mood-setting at parties, path lighting to frame walkways and borders and wall lighting for highlighting specific areas.

Festoon lights strung between frame of pegola

3. All the Accessories

This is where you can really make the space personal to you. If you love fresh scents you can add a few candles (which have the added benefit of romantic lighting) dotted around table tops or low walls and recycled vases containing fresh stems (which are also visually striking) on side tables. Planters filled with greenery become eye-catching statement pieces. And, for additional comfort, complementary cushions will allow you to really settle in for the evening, whilst a hard-wearing like our diamond blanket made from recycled plastic bottles keeps it cosy (and it's big enough for two). 

 Detail crop of heyshott sofa with malmesbury planter and glass windlight in front

4. Top of the Table

Once everything is in place, it's time for the best bit. What could possibly make a nicer finishing touch than a refreshing G&T. Load up the tray, make yourself comfortable - there's no real reason for moving too much for the rest of the evening. For larger gatherings a drinks trolley will make sure everyone is sufficiently refreshed without you having to nip in and out constantly to refill drinks. Perfect!

 Drinks Tray laid with glassware and ceramic bowl with blueberries

However you approach it, an Outdoor Lounge is about creating a fun space that works for you. Whether you’ll be having the whole family round for games on the lawn, friends joining you for a BBQ, or you just want to carve out a quiet little nook to enjoy some peace and listen to the birds tweeting. An Outdoor Lounge is a little space made just for you. 

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