Creating an Easter Tree For Your Home

29th Mar 2021

Last week, designer Jess Wheeler from showed us how to blow and hand paint eggs to create beautiful decorations for Easter over on our IGTV.

If you missed the event, please feel free to catch up on our Instagram page here > 

Step 1: Forage around in your garden and local area for any small branches that might be suitable for an Easter tree.

Jess Wheeler

Step 2: Look at the guide below on How to Blow an Egg, prepare your egg and see what you will need in order to paint it. Sketch out a drawing of the pattern you’re going to paint so you have a rough idea of your design. 

How to Blow An Egg

Step 3: Here is everything you’ll need  

Egg Painting Tools

Egg Painting for Easter

Step 4: Voila! The finished product, painted eggs hanging on a branch in our Wells Bubble Vase. 

Painting Eggs on Branch in Vase

Painted Egg on Branch Close Up

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