All About Dad | A Father's Day Gift Guide

7th Jun 2019

Dads. We love them. But they are nothing if not tricky to buy for on special occasions. As much as we want to treat them and give them something back after all they do for us, when it comes to ideas we can be left coming up short.

This year our gift guide is all about making their everyday that little bit more special. Whether it's making tasks that little more enjoyable, giving them some space and time to enjoy the things they love, or just taking the opportunity to make a gesture of gratitude.

The team at GTHQ had some great ideas about how they are making this Father's Day "all about dad". Here are our top 5 ideas for Father's Day gifts.

1. Lisa - Time to Chill

My dad's always so busy. Since we were little, he's always been running about after my older sister and I, helping us with what we need. So i'm making sure he takes some time out occasionally to really slow it down. I've chosen him the Butlers Side Table for his living room. Maybe he'll sit still long enough to enjoy his paper, tea and cake!

Side Table laid with lamp and plant pots

2. Jess - Cook Something Up

My dad's a great chef. Everything he makes is delicious, so i'm treating him this time with something new for his kitchen. Probably either the Brompton Cook Book Holder or the Ithaca Meze plate. Even more reason for him to keep making us lovely food to enjoy!

Brompton Antique Brass Finish Cook Book Holder with cook book on kitchen counter

3. Charlotte - Here to Entertain

My dad loves to cook and entertain, not in the kitchen, but out on the patio with his pride and joy - his BBQ. This year i'm treating him to the Drinks Trolley, so he has everything ready for when his friends come round.

Drinks Trolley laid with glassware, drinks, bottles and lime on an outdoor patio

4. Sophie - Get it Done

I think my dad works harder than anyone I know. I think he'll really like the Farringdon Memo Board as can pin important things clearly so he doesn't miss anything. And it'll look cool in his study too.

Wirework Farringdon Memo board with notes and postcards

5. Katie - Sit Back and Relax

Dad loves his garden so he's always sweeping up and tidying things away. I'm getting him the Rocking Deck Chair so he can take a nice snooze in the sun when he's finished his chores. 

Rocking Deck Chair in Peppermint

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