Fireside Accessories


Discover everything you need to keep your fireplace organised and in full working order with our range of fireside accessories. From wood storage to protective gear and cleaning tools, our fireside accessories collection has you covered to ensure your hearth is ready to fire up at a moment’s notice.


Safety first! Protect your hands from the fireside heat with our gauntlet gloves, built from suede to provide flame retardant safety during maintenance of your fireplace. Necessary hearth supplies can be safely kept close with our fire bucket, whether that’s ash, kindling, charcoal or sand. A nearby fire bucket ensures you're always ready to deal with any fireside tasks whenever they arise.


Store tinder and kindling with a stylish kindling box, ensuring your fireplace is stocked and ready for nights in around a cosy fire. Perfectly pair your kindling storage with a firelighter box, a clever and safe galvanised steel storage solution for covering up unattractive firelighter boxes. Once the fire is cool, maintain an ash-free hearth with our hearth brush, perfect for clearing away leftover debris with ease.


With our wide range of fireside accessories you can enjoy the relaxing warmth of your fireplace with full peace of mind, knowing you have everything essential for fire maintenance and hearth cleaning in a very convenient location.

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