Planting Accessories


Explore our collection of planting accessories, designed to meet the needs of both seasoned gardeners and those just getting into it. Whether you are just venturing into gardening for the first time or managing an already beautiful garden, our range has everything you need to maintain and nurture your plants.


Ensure you’re prepared for garden waste with our compost bin, an essential storage tool for recycling organic waste into compost that’ll help your greenery grow. Safeguard your hands with our durable garden gloves, designed to shield your skin from mud, dirt, prickly plants and tools while you work.


Make gardening tasks more comfortable with our garden kneeler, providing reassuring support and soft cushioning for your knees as you work. Pairing the garden kneeler with a practical apron will ensure your tools are close at hand, saving you from having to rise during your work. When your hard work is done, make sure to cover your vulnerable new seedlings from weather and bugs with a protective garden cloche


Prepare and maintain your garden with our planting accessories, the perfect companions to keep your green-fingered activity hassle-free.

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