Plant Supports & Obelisks


Immerse your garden in the rustic charm of British countryside living with Garden Trading’s collection of plant supports and obelisks. Crafted in raw metal, our plant supports are crafted to withstand the harsh elements and hold plants firmly in place, creating a picturesque floral display in your garden.


Our range covers a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your green fingered desires, ensuring your cherished plant life receive the frames and support they need to flourish. From domed and obelisk, to spiral and flared designs, our metal plant supports not only provide essential structural support but also add that charming rustic feel to your flower beds.


Establish beautiful focal points in your outdoor space with our range of trellises. Choosing a garden trellis will provide climbing plant support and add verticality to your outdoor space, bringing your garden options that may not have been possible without one. Our metal plant supports and trellises are specifically designed to age into a naturally rusty finish, providing a real rustic look to your garden and ensuring your outdoor space pieces only ever improve over time.


Incorporate Garden Trading’s range of quality plant supports and obelisks to elevate your outdoor area. Check out our collection today and discover the perfect outdoor plant support frame to help your garden look its best.

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