Furniture Accessories


Explore Garden Trading’s collection of furniture accessories to add both comfort and style to your British countryside outdoor living spaces. From comfy seat pads to durable sofa covers, our outdoor furniture accessory range is crafted to raise your garden's aesthetic whilst ensuring quality.


Discover the luxury and comfort of our premium seat pads, designed to provide a snug and supportive seating aid to your garden chairs. Available in a wide range of colours, our seat pads mixes comfort with style. Whether you're looking to revamp your garden dining chairs or outdoor seating, our seat pads are guaranteed to impress.


Protect your outdoor sofas with our durable and reliable outdoor sofa covers. Designed to withstand the (often miserable) British weather, these sofa covers provide a layer of defence against the wind, snow and rain, extending the lifespan of your beloved garden furniture.


For those who relish outdoor entertaining, Garden Trading’s drinks troughs are a stylish and handy addition to any garden party. Keeping your beverages cool and accessible, a drinks trough is a must for any summer gathering. 


Whether you're in need of quality seat pads for your outdoor dining set, or weather protective covers for your outdoor sofas, Garden Trading’s specially chosen selection ensures that every piece complements the British countryside lifestyle.

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