Path Lights


Our range of path lights line your garden path and flowerbeds effortlessly. Durable, weatherproof and easy for your electrician to install, they are perfect for adding subtle illumination to your outdoor space.


Featuring a range of garden path lights to suit any taste, including traditional designs and modern styles, this collection of pathway lights are designed to guide you through your outdoor spaces while adding a warm and inviting ambiance.


Our solar path lights are perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solution, while our hardwired options are easy to install and maintain, ensuring that you can enjoy their warm glow for years to come.


We offer a range of finishes, including black, copper, and stainless steel, to match any outdoor decor, whether you’re illuminating winding paths, driveways, or patios with garden path lighting, it’s easy create a beautiful and functional outdoor space after dark with Garden Trading.

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