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18th Feb 2020

Stay warm and cosy during the unsettled weather with this month’s Edit.


Petite, precise and perfect for homes with cosy log burners, the Paxford Tool Set is all you need in one compact set. Bring dying fires back to life with the poker and keep on top of ash with the perfectly-sized dustpan and brush.

Paxford Tool Set


Ensure your logs are always dry and ready to use with our Aldsworth City Log Store. Crafted in Spruce, this compact log store is perfect for small gardens and courtyards, easily fitting into a space near the house or shed. Its slatted sides and floor will keep the air flowing around your logs to help dry them out and its sloping roof allows the rain to drip away from the stored logs. Perfect weatherproof storage to protect your logs so they are ready for bringing in to stoke the log burner or open fire.

Aldsworth City Log Store


You needn’t hide your ironing board in a cupboard, but you also don’t want it taking up vital floor space. The answer? Our Melcombe Ironing Shelf. The two pegs are perfectly spaced to hang your board and the top shelf can store your iron and other cleaning items. Now, who needs a shirt ironed?

Melcombe Ironing Shelf


Flipping perfect pancakes every time. Whether cooking at home on the hob or oven an open fire in the great outdoors. The more you use it, the better our Coalbrook Crepe Pan gets; cast iron loves cooking with oils just as much as we do. Which is why its non-stick coating improves with every use.

Coalbrook Crepe Pan


Mirror mirror on the wall, is the Fulbrook collection fairest of all? With its distinctive window pane style making any space appear larger we like to think so - it must get extra points for being suitable for the garden too. Place behind a sofa set, in a hallway and over a fireplace to reflect light back into the room. Or position on a garden wall to reflect greenery and create your own tranquil hideaway.

Fulbrook Mirror

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