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Summer suppers - 6 styling tips

Midsummer’s day has come and gone, Wimbledon is upon us, English strawberries are in the shops and the forecast is looking good … so it’s all set to go for a summer of alfresco dining! Rule number one is to be prepared, so we’ve put together a list of little tips to give your alfresco dining a stylish touch, or two …

1.    Decorative bunting. The great thing about bunting is that once it’s up, that’s it for the summer. It’s fun, playful and everyone comments. Whether you choose Union Jacks or the vintage look, that’s purely your decision, it’s the home decorative look that counts.

2.    Flowers on the table. Try and avoid the supermarket bunch … easy though they are to pick up in a hurry, a less perfect looking bunch of flowers and leaves from the garden, with some herbs and twigs tucked in, can look every bit as good when placed in a jug, and far more individual.
3.    Table cloth. These go in and out of fashion all the time, but we like them as they can, in an instant transform a weathered surface into a softer setting. And if you’ve got an old one in the attic, check it out, the faded and frayed look is in!
4.    Candles and Lanterns.A must for outdoor dining and will look stunning whether hung from a tree or parasol or simply placed on the table or ground. Mix them up too - different shapes, colours and sizes can look really quirky.
5.    Cushions. Do think about putting cushions on outdoor chairs as they can add a subtle touch of comfort and luxury … and some colour too. And your guests may linger later into the balmy evening.
6.    Outdoor Clock. Why not break up the patio wall with a garden clock. You can ensure you never lose track of the time whilst spending the evening with friends and family.

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