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Mother’s Day

In the words of Janet Alther, ‘Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers at once’ and let’s be honest, ‘mother’ is really more of an umbrella term; she’s a nurse, she’s a chef, she’s a taxi driver, she’s a sports coach, she’s a teacher, all on a full-time, unpaid, love-driven basis. So on this Mother’s Day, March 30th, why not give a little something back to your own Wonderwoman? We’ve assembled a list of great gift ideas that should be perfect for showing just how much you appreciate all the work that they’ve put in down the years.

You might not able to take her to Spain but why not bring Spain to her? This Beech Tapas Board can bring the spirit of Andalusia to your kitchen table with its beautifully crafted rustic simplicity.

Our stylish Enamel Tea Pot. To be combined with a huge breakfast in bed, no excuses.

Pay her back for all the sumptuous baking she’s done for you down the years with a cake of your own, delivered in our wonderfully quaint Cake Tin that she’ll be using years down the line.

‘My North, my South, my East, my West’. This beautiful Barrington Weathervane, crafted from aged cast iron, can be a lovely physical embodiment of just how much your mother means to you.

What could be a better metaphorical representation of your relationship with your mother than our Barrington Domed Plant Supports? She holds you up whilst you slowly grow and blossom. And you know, they’re also really very practical in the garden.

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