Cleaning & Washing Up


Maintain a tidy and organised home with Garden Trading’s range of cleaning and washing up essentials. From washing up to general home cleaning tasks, our selection of cleaning up tools are designed to make your everyday household chores a breeze.


Bring a sense of comfort to your cleaning space with our selection of soft tea towels. Available in a variety of stylish designs, our tea towels not only help dry hands and dishes, but also add some decorative flair to your existing laundry room decor.


For larger and more involved tasks, our range of essential household cleaning tools including mops, dustpans, and brooms are perfect for a deep spring clean. Our mop and bucket sets are ideal for keeping floors clean and shiny, whilst our dustpan and brush sets make easy work of sweeping up small bits of dirt and fluff.


Finish off your cleaning routine by using our fine soap dispensers and soap dishes, ensuring your hands remain clean and hygienic throughout the day. With Garden Trading’s wide range of cleaning and washing up products, you can effortlessly and joyfully maintain a clean, tidy, and inviting home.

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