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Product Care Instructions

Our Materials

We take huge pride in designing and manufacturing our products. All materials are responsibly sourced and every product is fit for purpose. We have road-tested our products within a home and everyday environment designed for many years of usual family wear and tear.

We have listed below some of the main materials we use in our designs with recommendations of how best to look after them.



Our oak designs are made using raw kiln dried oak from Hungary as well as China. In general, our Hungarian oak is more rustic so that more of the natural grain and some knots are visible. It is precisely this unvarnished raw finish that attracts us to this design.

Preserving the finish of our oak furniture is straightforward and usually requires simply wiping with a damp, soft cloth. Being raw oak and pale in finish, the tables can be scrubbed occasional with soap and water to regain a paler unmarked finish. We recommend that common sense is applied so that hot items are placed on a trivet or coaster rather than directly onto the table. Water, wine, oil will all mark the table over time, so we recommend applying our Hard Wax Oil when you first put your table in place as it will provide a level of protection, but crucially will not change the colour and finish of the product. 

Although our wood has been kiln dried, please ensure all new pieces of furniture are not placed within 1 metre of a radiator/heat source.Being a natural material, wood can shrink and/or expand when exposed to sudden changes of temperature. In some cases, this can lead to fine hairline cracks. Please be aware that these changes won’t affect the durability or lifespan of your furniture - they’re part of the nature of wood and are not a structural defect.

PE Rattan


PE is a plastic based rattan which is extremely hardwearing and durable, making it a very practical weatherproof material for outdoor garden products. The woven seating is designed not to fade in the sun or be damaged by rain and is woven over a rust proof aluminium frame.   We recommend storing all PE rattan furniture away from the English elements over the winter to help prolong the life of these products. Simply give them a wipe down or gentle hose clean at the start of the Summer.

The cushions provided with the chairs are made from showerproof spun polyester with foam inners and will survive a shower but should not be left out in prolonged wet weather. The covers are removable and can be washed on a low 30 degree wash - please do not wash in higher temperatures to avoid shrinking the piping or distorting the cover.



Our slate is raw and untreated but naturally food safe.  Like porcelain, slate is thin and strong, but will break or chip if dropped or hit.  
To clean and maintain, please wash with warm soapy water after use. If you scratch your slate or you prefer a darker and subtle sheen, please wipe your slate mat with a thin layer of olive or vegetable oil.  Please note that slate is not dishwasher or microwave safe.



Our reclaimed teak is well seasoned, naturally aged and inherently rustic in finish. This timber is very durable in a UK climate and is much less likely to shrink, move or crack than newer teak due to the low level of moisture.
It has been finished with a wax seal but over time and left to the British elements this richer honey colour will fade to a beautiful silver grey.
To maintain a richer colour we recommend you use a natural teak oil or a clear beeswax polish
depending on the finish you wish to achieve. A light coating of teak oil will protect table tops ahead of a summer of oil and wine stains.  We prefer to let the timber weather naturally and take on its own paler colour.

As with our oak tables, these simply need wiping with a damp cloth. Water, wine and oil will all stain if left unattended and hot items should be placed on trivet or coaster.  

We recommend storing your table undercover or wrapped in tarpaulin during the Winter months to avoid the worst of the wet weather and to nourish it with a coating of teak oil as you unwrap it for Summer.

Warning: Viewing our colours online

Every care has been taken to ensure that the descriptions and photography are displayed as accurately as possible. The images used are not intended to be binding and are to give a general description of the colour and material. Furthermore, while the colour reproduction is a close representation, a very slight variation in the actual goods may occur. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour will accurately reflect the colour and material of the goods on delivery. Some larger furniture items may be some deviation as each is produced using hand selected wood.  Occasionally these may differ by up to /- 1.5cm from the sizes specified: To avoid disappointment on delivery day, please bear this in mind when measuring your space.

If in doubt we are able to provide swatch samples on selected material and colours. Please contact customerservices@gardentrading.co.uk for more information.