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Colour Ways


An off-black tint mixed with a subtle midnight blue to take away any harshness. Inspired not just by the mineral, but also by vintage carbon copy paper with its rich waxy matt finish. As with black, a little goes a long way and this is the perfect accent colour against pale woods, lighter greys and all neutrals. As our charcoal is lighter than some, this carbon really works to create a more contemporary edge and bring Winter styling bang up to date.


A gentle glossy off-white, Chalk is the colour of fresh laundered linen, Egyptian cotton sheets and lime washed walls. Its chalky tone has a hint of warm grey, making it softer than the bright glare of pure white - the perfect neutral shade to blend seamlessly into any colour scheme.


A mid-tone urban grey, our perfect shade of matt Charcoal will have you reaching for the nearest sofa, enveloping yourself in warm cashmere. This soft grey allows you to add deeper accents to your interiors matching in with neutral and brighter colour schemes. Despite the name it is not nearly as dark as some other 'charcoals'.


Possibly best described as the colour of putty and cream vintage earthenwares, Clay is a warm neutral shade which veers towards a slightly muddied cream. With a glossy finish it has a versatile pastel tone that can easily be mixed with stronger brighter colours.


A deep matt brown as comforting as a hot cup of coffee, this shade draws inspiration from the rich hue of beans before roasting. With an earthy warmth it works beautifully by the fire or out in the garden, giving a vintage look to metal fittings. Calm, rich and bold, Coffee Bean adds a cosy touch to any environment.


A darker, Nordic blue, inspired by the peeling paint of shutter doors on Dorset beach houses, set against the flat slate-grey of the sea. Bold and smart, it is darker than cornflower, with a gentle brightness to it that stands out in kitchens and perks up gardens.


This cool calming shade is an easy to live with soft delicate grey with a glossy finish, evoking the sheen on oyster shells and beach faded pebbles. Its neutral light grey tones mirror the landscape of its home, the Sussex Downs, where flint has long been part of the natural colour scheme, seen in the facades of the great buildings at glorious Goodwood House..


Verdant is the word that comes to mind for our Greengage colourway. Named for the pale green plum, this glorious shade is somehow bright, calm, fresh and rich all at once. Reminiscent of trees in the height of summer, covered in vivid green leaves, this soft shade is perfectly at home in the garden but also adds a soft touch of Spring to any room


A classic garden colour, Thyme is a dark estate green reminiscent of Victorian railings and front doors. It possesses a matt quality and is very much the colour for all seasons. Its richness is evocative of the attractive dark evergreen foliage of the wild thyme herb itself.


A warm mid-brown tone that gives you a darker taupe like colour to suit all neutral interiors. Limited to our Pet range, this glossy nutty shade fits well with leather and wellies.


Bold, bright, shiny and fresh. Its name is perfect for a truly vibrant pop of sunny Spring green. Used with lashings of white on our enamel it gives an instant lift of freshness to any meal like a truly English garden bursting into life.


Softer than flint, less nutty than nutmeg this gentle warm grey is just like a smooth round pebble, fresh from the sea. Its glossy finish suits all kitchens and bridges the neutral creamy whites to greyer colour schemes.