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Tried and Tested

Everywhere you turn you cannot help but encounter the wonderful aroma of Elderflower. Not only are they pretty to look at they but they also have a pleasant taste so we thought why not share our tried and tested much enjoyed recipe.

You will need:

•    20 heads of elderflower
•    2 pints of water
•    2oz of citric acid
•    1kg bag of sugar
•    2 large lemons quartered

To make:

•    Boil the water and pour into a large preserving pan.
•    Stir in the sugar, let it dissolve and cool
•    Add the flower heads and the citric acid
•    Add the lemons cut into quarters
•    Stir well and leave to rest for 3 days
•    Stir, strain and bottle in a air tight glass bottle.
•    Keep the bottles of elderflower concentrate in the fridge and dilute with perfectly drinkable tap water for a summer drink.