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Tips on arranging and caring for your flowers from Bloom & Wild

Everyone loves receiving the gift of flowers, and what better way than carefully selected, hand-picked flowers posted straight through the door? Bloom & Wild have put together some handy tips for caring for your flowers:

  • It’s important to condition your flowers before placing them in your vase. Strip any leaves that would fall below the water of the vase, and cut every stem at a 45° angle so your blooms can take up as much water and flower food as possible.
  • Once your flowers are ready to go, it’s time to prep your vase. Make sure it’s really clean as any bacteria will shorten the life of your blooms. Half-fill it with water and stir in the flower food that comes in your letterbox.
  • Select the flower you want to have as your centrepiece and position these in your vase first. You might like to trim a few of these to a shorter length than the others and slide these in towards the front of the vase to create a staggered shape.Trim your other stems to different heights and position in between the roses to fill out the bouquet.
  • We’d suggest changing the water in the vase every couple of days and trimming the stems of your bouquet with sharp scissors so the blooms can enjoy the fresh water you’ve given them.
  • As your blooms fade in a larger vase, some will be more resilient than others. One of our favourite hacks for remixing your blooms is to cut them down in their final few days and pop them into tiny jars or small stem vases to create a set of posies. Grab your freshest blooms and add in some foliage you’ve foraged from the garden. Place your “hero” bloom in the middle and add wispier bits like green bell and astrantia higher and lower. Tie off with string, trim as you’re measuring the stems next to the small jar and pop it in with fresh water – perfect!

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