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Tidy Up the Garden

It can sometimes feel like we never have enough time to get ourselves properly organised. We start out with the best intentions but as soon as we reach the moment that we’d planned to get caught up, there’s three new things scheduled and we just wish there were more hours in the day.

We have had some lovely days recently but also some very frosty ones, so we suggest using this time of year to take advantage of those rogue sunny days (and all the gloomy ones in between) to get the garden in order and ready for you to relax in when it finally gets warm enough. This year is especially good for getting ahead considering that we will have an extra day on the 29th. It’s easy to wait around until it seems like perfect weather, but when it arrives you’ll be happy that you have fewer chores to do and more time to get down to the important things, like refusing to move from your chair until the sun has completely disappeared! 

There’s lots you can do to make the most of this time – we recommend starting by getting everything squared away. We have plenty of Outdoor Storage, from neat Log Stores to pretty Pot Ladders and even lovely rustic Fruit Boxes to keep stray bits and bobs in their proper place. Our Hose Hangers and Hose Reel will help you make a change from a knotted and kinked hose to a nice, easy ordered one that’s out of the way but not squished and damaged. Whether you need a permanent home to keep essential tools handy but tidy or an aesthetic way to reorder plants and garden decorations, you can make sure everything is exactly where you want it. 

Once you have everything you want in order, it’s time to tackle everything you don’t want - get rid of all those twigs and leaves that the winds have shaken loose. Now is also a great time to invest in Plant Supports – once you’ve trimmed back all the excess, make sure you’ve got a frame to train the new growth and a bit of Twine if necessary to keep everything in place. If you prefer potted plants in your garden we have all sizes and shapes of Planters to make sure that whatever your vision, we have a vessel worthy of it ready to go! 

There’s always lots to do in the garden, but getting a headstart will make sure that, come rain or shine, there’s less work to do and more time to enjoy.