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5 Things to do in the Garden this Spring

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Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to put some energy into your garden to enjoy it in the Summer. A few tips from Garden Trading make the sometimes-overwhelming task manageable and achievable over a few weekends.

Have a Tidy Up

Remove leaves and other debris from flower beds, lawns and ponds and cut back the dead growth of any perennials. If you have a greenhouse, give it a good wash down with disinfectant before planning any seedlings or cuttings as pests and disease can survive in the nooks and crannies – just remember to air your greenhouse afterwards so no damp lingers. If you have space, invest in a garden storage box such as the Aldsworth Storage Box to keep all of your tools, pots and watering cans safe and out of the way but close to hand.

Sow your Hardy Seeds

March and April are the perfect time to start sowing your hardy vegetable seeds, ready to enjoy in the Summer months. Take this time to sow your beetroot, carrots and radish in particular. If you do have indoor space or a propagator then you could also start growing your less hardy vegetables such as aubergine and cucumber. Use this opportunity to get organised and sort our your seed packets for now and later, using a handy Seed Box is always a good idea.


Prepare the Garden for late-Spring Planting

Late Spring is when you need to plant your runner beans and broad beans, but if you prepare the trenches now your beans will grow much faster and happier. Simply dig out your trenches, line with newspaper and fill with leftover vegetable peelings and scraps – keep a portable compost bucket on your kitchen counter to make this task simple and mess free. When late April arrives plant your beans and cover with compost.


Pot up your Planters

To achieve gorgeously blooming planters this Summer you need to plant them now, to allow the shrubs and flowers time to develop and fill out. A display of planters in varying sizes can create a stunning effect, and also allow you to create full and textured displays more easily. At Garden Trading we have a wide range of pots and planters in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.


Supporting Plant Growth

At this time of year many climbing plants are starting to grow e.g. delphiniums and as they develop they will need support in place. Many supports such as our lovely Barrington range also add some character and height to your garden for an added feature. Cloches are also useful for protecting early salad crops such as Rocket, Mizuna and Chard.