The January Edit | This Month's Favourites

12th Jan 2021

January is the month for re-organising spaces and easing ourselves back into weekly routines. Read which products have made it into our top picks this month.

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1. Ashwicke Desk with Storage

Where the Ashwicke Desk is that all-rounder, this is definitely for those who love to be extra organised. Slotted storage inspired by old school writing desks can be filled with envelopes, stationery and accessories to create the ultimate workspace. Choose a desk that’s timeless. A desk that works in the corner of a living room, in a designated study or an outdoor studio. Then build up from there, with seating, lighting and accessories to suit your own interior style.

Ashwicke Desk

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2. Galvanised Steel Dustpan & Brush

Crumbs in the kitchen and mud in the hallway can be swept easily away with this trusty duo. The pan comes with a clever rubber edge to catch anything that tries to make an escape.

Galvanised Steel Dustpan & Brush

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3. Raw Scaffold Shelf

Providing you with much needed storage the rustic RAW Scaffold Shelf is perfect for use as open kitchen storage. We've matched the wooden shelf with metal edging and galvanised wall brackets that offsets the soft wood with an industrial edge.

RAW Scaffold Shelves

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4. Marble Chopping Board

Add some real class to your table with this beautiful serving board. Carved from Marble we've chosen a sleek white with flecks of grey which offers ultimate elegance. The design has all the style and durability of marble countertops with the added bonus of being easy to carry from kitchen to dining table.

Marble Board

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