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"Slovember" | Taking Time for You

The nights are darker, it feels like the evening starts at 4pm and by the time you get home from work, the night is well under way.

Add that to the Christmas rush starting earlier and earlier each year and you can feel like you are hurtling headlong towards the end of the year - ready or not.

Wouldn't it be nice to just slow things down a little and enjoy the moment; making the most of each evening even when it's dark and damp outside?

Sometimes it's about finding a little time to do things that make you feel happy or more in control rather than being at the mercy of schedules and to-do lists.

We're calling this little bit of rush resistance "Slowvember", embracing the quieter nature of the month instead of it simply being the run up to the festive fun of December.

Here are three ways you can benefit from taking some time for you.

1. Time to Bake

Enjoy being creative and lift your mood in the kitchen. This article about why cooking makes us happy tells us that cooking can enhance our well-being and ease stress. Ready. Steady. Bake!

2. Time to Tend

The RHS has identified that filling our indoor spaces with plants has both psychological and physical benefits. Who'd have thought that adding some indoor greenery could reduce headaches and fatigue? Different plants have different benefits but the overall agreement is that having indoor plants can improve our mental and physical health. Clever plants!

3. Time to Sort

We all know that Christmas will bring a lot of extra "stuff" into the house. Toys for the children. Gifts. Decorations. All lovely but all taking up precious space and all needing a new home. Getting a head start with organising what you currently have and donating what you no longer need will free up some much welcome space. Having the peace of mind that everything is in order can be worth the time you invest and the good news is that investing that time in organising can make you feel better, sleep better and reduce family tension in the longer term.

Whatever makes you feel good is worth taking a little time for. Perhaps it's taking a walk in nature. Having a nice hot bath. Lighting candles and sitting, with a book, in front of the fire. Or drawing and painting. These creative and relaxing activities can seriously help to improve your mood and see you through the dark nights and winter approaching. 

Let us know how you take a little time for yourself in the comments below. We're off to make (and devour) some cupcakes...