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Perfect Pancakes

Are you prepared for Pancake Day? Follow our easy recipe below for perfect pancakes every time and keep it safe for next year, just print it out and store it in a handy and stylish Recipe Box along with your other favourites.

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in many countries around the world by the delicious pastime of eating pancakes. Traditionally, this was to use up foods such as butter and eggs in one final indulgence before they would be given up for the following forty days of Lent.

However, what many people don’t realise is that Pancake Day pre-dates the Christian calendar and was originally a pagan holiday, marking the struggle against Winter to bring in the Spring. The Spring celebration lasted for a whole week, and the most important part of this was eating pancakes which symbolized the Sun.

Sugar and Lemon Juice is a timeless classic and the pancake topping we have used in our recipe below. We recommend picking up a sugar dispenser such as our charming Spoonful of Sugar Glass Dispenser, it will distribute sugar evenly over your pancakes and ensuing sticky fingerprints are easily wiped clean.

For maximum flavour we recommend using fresh lemons; juicing them with this Glass Juicer & Jug couldn’t be simpler. The juicer sits on top of the jug, allowing the juice to drain through to the jug below while any pips and pulp are caught in the juicer lid which can then be removed, allowing you to pour the desired quantity over your pancakes without any mess.

Save yourself some washing up, and invest in a Mixing Bowl with a lip, so you can pour your mixed batter straight into the pan rather than using a ladle. Finally, make sure you’ve got Measuring Spoons and Weighing Scales at the ready.

Now all that’s left to do is check out our handy recipe below, stock up on your ingredients and pick your toppings. We’ve gone for Sugar and Lemon, but other firm topping favourites in the Garden Trading office include peanut banner and banana, blueberries and Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, ice-cream and chocolate sauce… the list goes on.

How will you top yours?

 Cermaic Mixing Bowl