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Garden Trading

Our Colours

At Garden Trading, our ideal is to create products that will stand the test of time, and a huge part of this is colour. Some hues instantly speak of a time or a place, and after a few years, objects with these colours can create a strange time capsule effect that seems alien from the modern world; many who remember ‘avocado’ bathroom suites will attest to the uniquely 70’s vibe such items give off!

In contrast, we believe that colour should be timeless. When you bring an item into your home, it should be because you love it, and in an ideal world, that feeling should endure, despite changes in trends or your own tastes.

With this goal in mind, we have created a brilliant palette of colours to complement our collections of natural materials and simple but brilliant designs. We’ve put a great deal of thought into making our shades absolutely perfect. It is important that, whatever the shade, it goes well with any décor, but without blending in so much that the product is lost in the background.

We often turn to nature for inspiration, which helps us to pick out beautiful complementary shades for many of the natural finish products we release. From Chalk to Greengage, each shade picks out a quality that we love in nature, from the stark white tones of natural chalk downs to the tart sweetness of Greengage plums. This natural essence livens our clean lines and contemporary style, and helps to create a harmony where products truly seem to belong in a space, rather than simply occupy it.

Times change, tastes change, and even lighting changes, and so we aim to create colours that contribute to an atmosphere rather than strive to be the centre of attention. Our Dorset Blue was inspired by paint on the shutters of beach huts next to the sea, and when we created the colour it was this feeling we wanted to evoke, striving to recreate the feeling of standing in that moment, whether the colour was in a soft evening sunset, or bathing in bright morning light. By creating a mood, rather than trying to match a colour trend, the hues we incorporate into our collection bring to mind atmospheres and ways of living, rather than specific times or places.

It can be tricky getting this process right, and when it comes to designs you’ll love for the home, it is a rare thing, if not impossible, to create the perfect effect. But by focusing on how we want a shade to feel in the home, the end result is always simple, subtle, and special.