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New Stratton Planters

When the weather doesn’t allow for much time in the Garden, it can be refreshing to bring a bit of nature into the home, cosy and out of the rain!


Our designer snapped up our new Stratton Planters when she realised just how versatile they were. Just as stunning inside the house as outside, these lovely cement bowls and pots have a charm that works beautifully with practically any setting or theme.


“What drove my choice is an upsurge in the popularity of indoor gardening and pot plants particularly; everything from 70’s spider plants to air plants in terrariums and succulents in a more contemporary plant pots – which is what we decided to do when it came to photographing these.”


A break away from traditional herb pot shapes, everything about these Stratton Planters draws inspiration from natural textures and feelings, from the earthy contrast of Stone & Cocoa to the peat-like texture of the cement finish.


By combing neutral colours with contemporary but clean lines, these pots are equally well-suited to a modern design scheme as a classic one, and look just as good in pairs as they do combined with all the designs in the collection. From the most peculiar of cacti to a fresh basil plant ready for plucking at dinner time, there is no limit to these versatile planters’ potential.


What creative options will you explore with our new Stratton Range?