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Making a House a Home

After years of stringent saving, months of house viewings and weeks of anxious nail biting, I’m proud to finally be a proud new home owner for the very first time!

Moving in went surprisingly smoothly, the stressful bit came afterwards… How are there so many boxes? What to do with the multitude of pans that won’t fit in the kitchen cupboards? Why, oh why, did the previous owner think that dark blue wallpaper with a shocking vegetable pattern was a good idea?

Once unpacked, I soon discovered that although I had all the essentials, it’s the small touches that really make a house a home – and these were the things that I seemed to be in short supply of. Luckily for me, I work at Garden Trading, so a quick skim through the catalogue sent me home with a car full of items that soon made my house a much more inviting place to be – despite the horrendous décor.

Some of my favourite purchases that I’d definitely recommend to any new home owner are:

A Post Box – after long days of cleaning and unpacking, lie ins are a precious thing, making a post box a necessity after a few rude awakenings by the arrival of the post! Plus, it’ll come in really handy when we bring home the dog, as we won’t have to worry about our new mortgage communications being devoured!

Storehouse Jars – my new kitchen is, like most first time buyers, “cosy”, so anything that frees up room in the cupboards is an essential item. I love these storehouse jars which are perfect for storing just about anything and fit really nicely with the country cottage charm that is just fighting to get out from behind the wall paper.

Wirework Egg Basket – cooking meals just isn’t a priority right now, particularly with most of my cooking utensils lost in various unpacked boxes. Eggs have come to my rescue on many occasion and I’ve become quite adept at making omelettes! This basket is perfect for keeping the eggs close at hand and looks quite charming too.

Pimlico Wall Lamp – wires sticking out from the wall in my lounge grated on me every time I walked into the room. This little light is great for people on a budget and the simple design looks great with a room of any style. It’s amazing how the atmosphere of the room has changed since adding some lighting, it now feels like a much more welcoming place to be!

A Towel Ladder – damp towels are incredibly depressing, but a towel ladder not only provides instant drying space without any installation work needed for a wall mounted rail, it also adds to the country charm that will one day be inherent throughout my new home.

My family and friends were really generous with moving in presents, some of which I loved like a thoughtful wooden board with ceramic pots (actually very similar to our Tapas Board) which will be great for entertaining friends, but a big part of me wishes I’d dropped more hints about what I really needed, perhaps then I wouldn’t be here wondering where to hang my multitude of ‘Home Sweet Home’ signs…

Wirework Egg Basket