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Light the Perfect Fire

While cranking the radiator right up to the maximum or cosily snuggling under layers of blankets are valid and effective methods for fighting off the bitter winter, there’s simply nothing that can hope to compare to the crackling comfort of a glowing fire.

Sitting down with a book or magazine (preferably Gardener’s World of course), a cup of tea or glass of red to hand, and feeling the warmth flowing from the flames is one of the absolute saving graces of the most indoor of all the seasons.

Because fireplaces can play such an important role in the visual make up of a living room, it’s vitally important to make the area just as attractive as the rest of the house, something often overlooked when planning an interior. Accessorise and make your fireplace a stylish statement that’ll have you sighing when spring comes around.

We’ve provided a few examples below of some ideas that really transform the practical into the stylish and underneath you’ll also find our handy, five step guide to the perfect fire.

This Leather Kindling Bucket is skilfully handmade by craftsmen in Rajasthan. The fantastically vibrant shade of beige is created by a dye made from tree bark and vegetable extract, so it’s fantastically eco-friendly and provides a great talking point to!

A complete set of ornate wrought iron Fireside Tools. You’ll never have a problem shifting kindling, logs or embers around with this comprehensive set that fuses traditional looks with modern practicality.

Avoid any nasty spitting embers while keeping children and pets at a safe distance with our Large Fire Screen, designed for larger open fireplaces. It’s solid, simple and, importantly, super stylish.

This set of two Galvanised Steel Log Buckets should mean that you never find yourself caught without any logs. If you don’t have room for the two of them, they also make brilliant planters for the garden as well.

Fire screens

Five steps to create the perfect fire:

  1. Create the base of the fire with newspaper, four or five pages rolled up should do, and any other forms of tinder, moss, straw, twigs or whatever. Lay it down flat so that it provides a strong base for the logs on top.
  2. Stack one or two logs on top of the kindling base. Smaller logs are preferable at this stage. Don’t stack it higher than two-thirds of the way up the fireplace.
  3. After putting down a couple of firelighters around the base, light it. We recommend a safety gas lighter so you can really get right underneath the base.
  4. Now it’s burning, you can start to place slightly bigger logs on.
  5. Stir the wood at least half an hour before you want the fire to go out. The thinner it’s spread, the quicker the fire will go out.

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