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The Joy of Christmas Cookie Cutters

Yes, you read that right, the arrival of our Christmas cookie cutters hailed great excitement as my children Teddy (4) and Maeve (not quite 3) delved in to the box to see what was inside.  I think they liked the cutters more than the cookies!  Little Maeve took one look at the Angel and it was hers. Teddy claimed the tree cutter, so I got Rudolph.  Happily, they were so preoccupied playing with the cutters, I could make the gingerbread dough from the secret recipe that came with the cutters, (usually baking is a very unwieldy affair with everyone wanting a sift and a stir.)

 We all had a turn with the rolling, although I have now realised that we really need 3 rolling pins in our house.  7 angels, 5 Christmas trees and a few reindeers later, we popped them in the oven.  After 11 minutes (and at least 11 "are they ready yet’s"), the festive smells of spicy sweetness filled our little kitchen.

 As soon as they were a vaguely edible temperature, two very eager children bit into the warm gingerbread, just the right balance of sugar with a mild ginger kick.  The first of our Christmas baking reduced to mere crumbs in a matter of minutes.  I’m definitely rolling them out for the school winter fair, I might even get a chance to put some sparkles on them next time!

 Why not try them yourself with our delicious Gingerbread Recipe?

Cookie Cutters