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It’s never easy moving house.

This week’s post is from Dan. Dan works on our PR and having recently moved home we thought what better person to share his top storage solutions.

First you have to find your new home (easier said than done in London), get packed and move out. Then the real fun begins.

In my new home storage issues trouble me, I have to make every space count. Luckily I had Garden Trading’s storage solutions to help me along the way. Below are my top three picks:

Once packed up I started the ritual clean. I now realise that it’s far more convenient to have your cleaning products in one place. The wash up tidy (I chose the shutter blue shade) is a ‘pretty practical’ that means you have all the essentials in one place whilst you clean from room to room. A good dustpan and brush is a great household essential to keep my new home free from dust and dirt.

The Raw Oak Shelf Ladder was a no brainer, whilst it takes up little floor space its height and 6 shelves provide plenty of space for books, CDs and other belongings. Its natural oak finish means that it sits comfortably in almost any interior and doesn’t have to be secured to the wall- great news if you are renting.

Utilising under my bed was essential and pretty much the only space left in the house to store seasonal clothing. The rattan baskets not only fit perfectly but are easily retrieved by their rope handles and look far nicer than their acrylic equivalent.

At least I know for next time where to go for all the essentials to make moving that little bit more bearable.

Chalk Utility Bucket