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How to keep your bread fresh for longer

We often are asked if our bread bins really work, they are becoming ever more popular in both traditional and contemporary homes; They not only add character and style to your kitchen they also keep your work tops clutter-free and they prolong the life of your bread.

A good bread bin is designed to keep your bread fresh and extend shelf life by making sure the bread does not dry out; It also stops exposure to heat and light.

 It is important when choosing a bread bin that the lid is secure, this will ensure that no air can get inside the box making the bread stale. Wooden bread bins absorb moisture, therefore a metal bread bin is much more practical. A metal bread bin will keep moisture inside the bin making your bread last throughout the week prolonging its freshness.

A large bread bin provides ample of room and can store up to two loaves of bread or can be used to store rolls, crumpets or even biscuits.

Our retro bread bin is made from powder coated galvanised steel with a nickel handle; perfect for a large family. Matching sugar, tea and coffee canisters are also available. Our bread bins come in 3 different colours, Clay, Flint and Shutter Blue.

Bread Bin in Chalk

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