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It's Natural: Our Top Pick of Pots

Nothing beats the freshness that flowers and plants bring to a home. A pop of bright green or a splash of colour that brightens up living spaces and connects us with nature all year round.

With this summer's long-lasting heatwave, our fields and gardens have lost their lush green quality that is synonmous with British summertime.

Fear not, we have some of our favourite pots and vases that, whether filled with single blooms, succulents or a full bouquet, are sure to bring back that beautiful freshness we've been looking for.

1. What Do you Finca?

Small Finca pot sat next to small watering can on table

Rustic, raw and really unusual. Our Finca range is made from Paulowina Wood that creates unique markings and grains in every piece.

Explore our Finca collection here

2. Tough Love

One larger and one smaller Stratton plant pot planted with dark green foilage

Mixing a soft, neutral colour palate with strong, tough cement structure, the Stratton collection is the perfect backdrop for simple yet stunning greenery.

Discover our Stratton collection here

3. Style of Their Own

Large cracked glaze bowl filled with pale green foliage on the table with scissors

An antique textured glaze gives each Withington pot and bowl its own individual colour, texture and finish. Truly unique.

Explore our full Withington collection here

4. A Real Glass Act

3 glass bottles lined up on a table with a single white flower in the first bottle

Not just beautiful on the outside. These eco-friendly vases are all crafted from 100% recycled glass to form stunning focal pieces for any dining table, shelf or coffee table.

For additional recycled glass items click here or for more information on our eco-friendly products click here

5. Give Some TLC

Silver indoor watering can on shelf next to twine and plant pot

With the high temperatures set to return, it's likely that our indoor greenery will need some extra care and attention over the next couple of months so be sure to water them regulalry. We've also heard that talking nicely to them helps too - but you'll have to try that one for yourself.

For our full indoor pots and vases collections, and for everything you need for healthy, happy plants, click here