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Give a Dog a Home

There are few things more rewarding than knowing that you’re carrying out a truly good deed, and when this comes alongside gaining a great new friend, then it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Adopting a pet could be the most fulfilling act you’ll do all year and with over 100,000 stray dogs found last year, over 300 a day, the need for new homes for these unfortunate animals is at an all time high, especially after Christmas!

Blue Cross alone, headquartered down the road from our own HQ but with rehoming centres all over the country, rehouses over 20,000 pets a year including dogs, cats, horses, and even chinchillas.

They have a great website that makes it easy for you to browse all the pets that are ready to be adopted if you’re interested in taking one in. When you come across the perfect animal for you, you send off a form and then start to go through the process of meeting your chosen one. You’ll need to visit it a few times at the centre to start the acquainting process - and a visit is a thoroughly rewarding experience in its own right. The animal may also need to come round to your house to make sure that it will be comfortable in the surroundings that it’ll hopefully be inhabiting from now on.

After you’ve adopted the pet, the centre and the volunteers who work there will be on hand to give you advice and make the process of bringing a new best friend into your life a seamless experience.

Just think of the joy this new addition could bring to your home. Now all you need is to shop for pet accessories.

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