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Festival Essentials: Get Ready for a Summer of Fun

Heading out this summer to enjoy some Festival Fun? Here are 5 tips from the festival kings and queens of Garden Trading to help you on your way:

1. Essentially Speaking

No-one likes to get caught short. Everyone knows that baby wipes, dry-shampoo and hand-sanitiser are festival lifesavers. But, did you know, there is one more essential that Festival pros won’t be without? Our designer, Gemma, is quick to point out that she never leaves home without duct tape. Who knew? From fixing your tent to repairing your wellies and waterproofing belongs, apparently there are more uses for duct tape at a festival than you can probably imagine. Sounds like one for the list then! As well as a flower garland and bio-degradable glitter of course.

2. Let's Get Comfy

You might be waiting for your favourite band to come on the main stage, or maybe you just want somewhere to sit and savour that delicious taco from one of the copious food trucks. Either way, sometimes it’s nice not to just dump down on the uneven ground and actually enjoy the scene that surrounds you in a little bit of comfort. It's likely that the event you’re attending will dictate the kind of seating you’re able to take. If you are heading to an open-air cinema, a Rocking Deck Chair in Green Stripe is perfect for sinking into to enjoy the film with a glass (or two) of wine in hand. But sometimes the walk back to the tent is too long and the crowds just too busy. In which case Brockworth Throw, slung through your backpack gives you a dry, comfortable place to sit without any hassle. And, whilst you'd never guess, its woven from 100% recycled plastic bottles so is quick-drying. No use crying over spilt wine then.

3. Light the Way

It’s much easier to remember the way back to your tent in the light. After sundown things look a little less familiar and a lot more samey. The Cornbury Rechargeable Lantern is lightweight and very easily transportable. Put it on your picnic blanket and you can see what you’re eating, carry it by its handle and it'll guide you to the much-needed portaloos in the dark - without getting lost on the way back. And there’s the added bonus of not using all your battery up on your phone shining the torch and having to wait in huge lines at the charging stations.

4. Food Glorious Food

If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach or by the lake, what’s more enjoyable that freshly barbecued food. Nothing quite beats gathering some food cooking on a grill and as the Whitstable Barbecue is so easy to transport, you can grill wherever you go. If food festivals are more you thing, the Bembridge Market Basket has plenty of room for all your food finds. Pile them high and enjoy when you’re ready. And when we say ready, we mean when you actually have a little more room to squeeze something else in. 

5. What’s The Plan?

Maybe you’re Spontaneous Sam and like to take each moment as it comes. Or maybe you’re a Planning Pam who knows exactly what you want to do and when. Either way, having an idea of what you’re hoping to see and do will make sure you don’t miss out on something you’d been hoping to enjoy. Pick your 5 must-do things and make sure someone’s aware of where you have to be and when. Apart from that, you can soak it all up, enjoy being submersed in a fun atmosphere and know you’re not going to be running from one place to another. This is probably a little more important when you have children who inevitably have smaller legs and aren’t able to get on board with the importance of picking up the pace when it's crucial you don't miss the next band on the second stage.

If you're lucky enough to have a festival or two in the calendar over the next couple of months, we hope you have a fantastic time and that the weather is on your side to make it a real Summer of Fun.