Beat the January Blues | Get Wrapped up in Winter

5th Jan 2020

With the fun and excitement of Christmas now behind us, January can often seem like the saddest month of all. Dark mornings, cold temperatures and a quieter social scene don't necessarily make for a fun-filled start to the year. However we are determined to start a new decade in the best frame of mind and make the most of what this season has in store. Here are 5 ideas for lifting your spirits and setting yourself up for a successful start to 2020.

1. Restart with a Refresh

It may seem bare without the Christmas tree and twinkly lights but having some clear space can be a good thing for getting focused. Take the opportunity to rid your spaces of unnecessary clutter in turn keeping a clear mind.

Calm and Clutter-free utility room

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2. Food for Thought

Perhaps it's learning to make a whole new style of food, or  improving your favourite dishes. Or maybe one of those resolutions is to start a healthier way of eating. Whether you are aiming for a new dish or a new diet, try meal prepping for a whole week for an easy way to keep your goals on track.

Ceramic measuring cups with flour

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3. Happy Hobbies

As much as we hate to admit it, the darker evenings aren't going anywhere just yet. But instead of slumping in front of the TV every night (ok, all night) take some time to find a new interest. Not sure what's for you? Collect inspiration from magazines, photos and quotations that will motivate you to try something new for a new decade.

Farringdon Memo Board with postcards and notes

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4. Feeling Fresh

Don't let cold temperatures and wintry weather deter you from taking in some well-needed fresh air. Wrap up with chunky knits, soft scarves and bobble hats then take off over fields, or head to the park to give yourself a mental restart for the year ahead.

Kelston Peg Rail

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5. Tiny Treats

Whilst we all try to do a little better after the overindulgence of the festive season, a little bit of what you fancy does you good. After a long walk or after finishing the dreaded tax return, why not reward yourself with a hot chocolate (amd a few marshmallows of course).

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However you spend your January, we hope it's full of postitivity and excitement for the year ahead. And in any case, spring is just around the corner.

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