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Essential Summer Buys

Whether they save you time, space, or you just love what they do, some things in our lives are just indispensable. This is especially true in the garden, where the space is very much alive, full of growing things and subject to the shifts of the seasons and whims of the weather. A must-have item here becomes a part of the ecosystem, and the garden is better off for having it around. At Garden Trading, we have come up with a list of 5 products that we have found we can’t do without! These heroes are just perfect for transforming your Garden.

Large Aldsworth Storage Box – The perfect combination of country chic and contemporary design, this handsome Spruce box with its stunning weatherproof slanted Zinc lid makes a stylish space to stash all your garden bits and pieces. From tools to unused pots to cushions for your garden furniture, this spacious box lets you keep your garden tidy and clear while keeping everything you need close at hand.

Hose Hanger – When the good old British rain lets up, a lot of plants get very thirsty very quickly during the summer months. Hoses help to relieve this with a thorough water once the sun has gone down, but they can get tangled and knotted far too easily. Solve this annoyance with our genius hose hanger. Keeping your hose neatly wound, this Hose Hanger in its charming Thyme shade of green lets you store your hose tidily until you next need it, saving you a world of effort

Lodsworth Sofa Set – A lot of Garden Furniture can be very unforgiving – not so our soft cosy Lodsworth Sofa Set! This luxurious set lets you transform your garden into space that’s just as comfy as your living room, but with a lot more sun. Crafted from weather-proof PE Rattan, this set will endure beautifully through even the dampest of Summers, ready for you to enjoy the second the sun comes back out – simply grab the shower-proof cushion and get relaxing.

Large Bibury Planter – With three sizes available, our Bibury Planter offers plenty of space to dedicate to all kinds of fun projects. Gorgeous planted up with colourful flowers, the portable nature of this bowl makes it an ideal table-top planter for those who struggle to kneel or bend much. There’s also enough room to get a herb garden growing, or, for the ultimate Summer party centrepiece, fill the bowl with ice and bottles of your favourite drinks.

Faroe Barometer, Thermometer and Hygrometer – This one-stop weather essential tells you everything you need to know about the weather at a glance. Combining crucial information about the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, you’ll be prepared for anything.