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Decorate an Easter Tree

It’s always fun to decorate for the holidays. Traditionally for Easter this involves plenty of Spring pastels, baby animals, and eggs. Many will exchange cards and display them around the house, but as a holiday, some struggle to find a way to decorate in a truly festive manner. Christmas is easy to prepare for: Christmas Trees get an awful lot of love – something about the towering evergreens just resonates with us and puts us instantly in the holiday mood, and giving everything a snowy effect or draping it in gold and holly manages to update a room in seconds. So what to do for Easter?

A fun way to start is to make an Easter Tree. A tradition originating in Germany and central Europe, there are two beautiful ways to get started. The first is to hang coloured eggs on a tree outside your home. At this time of year many tree have yet to fully bloom, letting the colour of the eggs really stand out, and reinforcing the season’s theme of new life. We’ve used plastic eggs for ours, but for a truly traditional effect, hand decorated eggs can be made by dyeing hard-boiled eggs or dyeing raw eggs then blowing them hollow. Keep your hands clean for this to avoid spoiling the effect, rub the eggs down with white vinegar to remove impurities, bring 3 cups of water to boil then add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and a few drops of food colouring. Then dip your eggs until you’re happy with the colour and blot with a kitchen towel and dry before you decorate them. If you want to use raw eggs, pierce one end of the egg with a pin after dyeing, then the other, and gently break up the yolk within and blow out into a bowl using an egg-blowing tool.

The other option is to bring the design indoors. Cut a selection of branches and arrange them in a large vase, like our Vase in Charcoal. Any branches will do, but some create truly eye-catching effects; we’ve used Twisted Hazel for ours due to its fabulous curly branches, but Pussy Willow also add a touch of fun to the arrangement. Once you’re happy with how the branches look, bedeck them with coloured eggs as with the outdoor Easter tree, or with colourful Easter ornaments. Coloured wooden eggs, rabbits and chicks work nicely for this.

Finally, sit back and admire your handiwork!