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Bringing the outdoors inside through houseplants and greenery

Refreshing, calming and bursting with colour and texture, houseplants are a great way of diversifying your home’s overall look. To help you get to grips with where to begin, guest blogger LIV for Interiors offers up some top tips on putting those natural flourishes to good use in every room. Read on to find out more about bringing the house vividly to life with a little assistance from Mother Nature.

Give your plants room to breathe

It’s important to remember that houseplants are living, breathing organisms, and as such require a good amount of light and space in order to really flourish. So, when considering where to place them, try to think about not only which room looks the most pleasing, but also where they’re most likely to thrive, keeping them in larger, lighter, more spacious areas, and ensuring that they’re near windows wherever possible. 

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Match your colour schemes 

When you bring plants indoors, you’re infusing your interiors with a splash of nature, so it stands to reason that they should be paired with the right colours to make up your overall design scheme. To make the most of things, try giving off a bright, fresh vibe with whites and Scandi-inspired greys, or alternatively, partner with natural woods and earthy tones – both options are sure to make your greenery pop. 

Don’t overdo it

Less can sometimes be more with interior design, and that’s most certainly the case when it comes to houseplants. The last thing you want is for your home to begin resembling a jungle or tropical rainforest, so be sure to integrate greenery sparingly, dotting plants throughout your abode in such a way as to make them blend in subtly with their surroundings, rather than becoming the focal point or stealing the limelight. 

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Diversify your plants’ colours

Remember, green isn’t the only colour to go for with house plants. Lilies are beautiful to look at, particularly when set against a cool, contemporary backdrop, while pops of pink and orange work equally well in a cosier family room. Plus, don’t feel like you’re limited to pot plants either, as hanging baskets and sprawling wall features can help to create a big impact and bring any space into its own. 

Choose the right plant for the right space 

Houseplants are known for their calming effects, so some rooms may be better suited to their presence than others. An office space or loft conversion that’s used for working at home is ideal, as is an already tranquil conservatory that blends seamlessly with the garden beyond. Whether they’re alleviating stress or making the home even more soothing, they should be put to good use in relevant rooms.

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