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Beat The January Blues

Christmas seems like a long time ago and now we’re left struggling to button up our jeans and a list of already broken resolutions. Summer seems like an unbearable distance away, and it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a bit blue here in the Garden Trading office.

So we’ve been discussing methods to beat the Blues and have decided that it’s a combination of tackling both the body and mind head-on.

Rather than setting the same old unrealistic goals such as ‘go to the gym at least 3 times a week’ and ‘cut out chocolate’ (that one didn’t even last the day!) we’re aiming for more achievable aims to try re-energise us for the year ahead. Here are our thoughts so far:

Eat more Fruit:
We’re constantly being told how good fruit is for us, but it never seems as appetising as a gooey piece of cake. In an attempt to make it more inspiring, we’re going to put our Apple Press to work to make our own fresh and tasty apple juice, branching out into various combinations (Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Mango, Apple and Pear etc.). Bets are on now as to who can come up with the tastiest combination.

Drink more Water:
Drinking plenty of water is supposed to have numerous benefits, including giving a natural energy boost and keeping your skin looking fresh – two things we’re both feeling drastically in need of at the moment! We love our Tap Water Range which just makes water that little bit more exciting, and is handy to keep on your desk in the office, reminding you to keep drinking throughout the day. Glowing skin here we come…

Be more Eco-Friendly:
So many times we’ve made a round of tea and thrown the teabags in the bin, only to then remember we should be composting them – but there’s no way we’re going to rummage around everyone’s left over lunches. So we’ve invested in one of our dainty Compost Buckets, which are stylish enough to sit on the kitchen counter to attract our attention before we throw away those teabags, and have the added bonus of a tightly sealed lid to keep those composting smells out of our kitchen. Plus, we get to feel smug about doing our bit for the environment every time we make a tea round (with chocolate biscuits of course!).

Be more Organised:
We’ve lost count of the number of items a certain person (they know who they are) has arrived late to the office after turning their house upside down in search of their car keys. We have kindly gifted them with this practical Key Locker, meaning they can never use that excuse again! We’re all feeling inspired and have dutifully made promises to be more organised this year in order to live a more stress-free life. A particular favourite is the Dark/Lights Laundry Chest, separating darks and lights when they go into the basket and saving you the nasty job of sorting through the dirty clothes, particularly when you went to the gym about a week ago and haven’t done a laundry load since…

Be more Charitable:
Small acts go a long way, so we’re going to start in our own back garden with a hanging bird feeder, (our favourite is the charmingly rustic Northern Birch Wooden Bird Feeder) and are looking forward to welcoming our feathered friends into our garden, knowing that we’re helping them tackle the food shortages they often experience in the colder months.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to stick these more achievable goals… at least until the end of the month.

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