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Back to Basics

We’ve just launched our lovely new Bothy range of bowls, pots and troughs. Inspired by the love of a more simple life and a desire to go back to basics, this range brings to mind the ‘Bothy’ – a basic shelter found in remote, mountainous areas of Scotland. The concept of the Bothy is a welcome shelter from the unpredictable Scottish weather, providing a rustic but homely existence.


In this chaotic modern world, there is something strangely appealing about taking a step back to a slower pace of life. We hope that having one of these products around your home will provide a reminder, encouraging you to pop the kettle on and put your feet up for a few minutes.


The Bothy range is made from Paulownia wood, which is currently grown in large re-forestation projects across China. It is fast growing and strong, but also incredibly light; making it extremely practical and lending it to the manufacture of a number of items from electric guitars to clogs. It is even burnt to make charcoal for sketching and firework powder! 


This wood is colloquially known in China as the ‘Phoenix Tree’, as the wood re-grows from its roots so that once the wood is harvested the plantation quickly re-generates, making it brilliant for new forestry projects.


Romantically, in Japan, this tree is known as the ‘Princess Tree’ and is traditionally planted when a baby girl is born. The wood is then used to make the wedding dresser when she marries.


At Garden Trading we all loved the organic and tactile shapes of these bowls and troughs which differ due to the natural variations in the wood and the fact each item is handcrafted. The Bothy Trough with Handle is a great multi-functional item, it can be used for storing soaps in the bathroom, serving rough cut bread for a homely supper or simply keeping treasures safe around the home.


Not only do these products look great, they also provide a wealth of conversation for visitors to your home!