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Garden Trading

Hand Crafted in Oxfordshire

Flux Parlour bowls, jugs and mugs

At Garden Trading we strive to source from artisans and skilled craftsmen who are both experts in their field, and whose use of materials and care with production techniques match our own high standards.          

We are delighted to have partnered with Flux Parlour, a local Cotswold ceramics studio, whose beautiful simple forms work seamlessly in creating the organic shapes.  The collection is crafted from white stoneware clay and dipped in a glossy white glaze.

Hand crafting

Each piece is traditionally made in Oxfordshire and is totally unique with a signature stamp on each design. We are thrilled to support a local brand who source everything from the UK, particularly when their subtle yet modern style complements our own brand so well. 
We have selected an edited collection of bowls, jugs and a mug, as well as a stunningly simple candle bowl. The candles are all hand filled in the UK with sustainable soya wax which burns cleanly, and is scented with a very delicate hint of Bergamot. Once your candle has burnt out; re-use as a pot by pouring away any remaining wax, remove the wick base and wash out well.

We are certain you will enjoy this Artisan Collection as much as we do.


 Flux Parlour bowls

Flux Parlour bowls, jugs and mugs