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A room with a view

In a perfect world, we’d have all the outdoor space we could possibly want. In reality, most of us town and city folk find ourselves a little short on garden square-footage. So, what are the tricks of the trade for making the most of a small, urban garden?

1.    Treat the garden space as another room of the house – that way it will become one.
2.    Regardless of space, create small and intimate areas – this forces you into thinking about creating horizontal and vertical lines with shrubs and bushes, pots and containers and benches and sheds.
3.    Place the eating area center stage if you can – the visual impact will entice you out more often for those memorable outdoor meals.
4.    Consider coloured, metal tables, chairs and maybe a bench for an urban garden – wooden garden furniture has its place, but the bistro look creates a more inner-city feel.
5.    Don’t skimp on lighting, or fittings – lighting is probably the most important asset in an urban garden and choosing attractive lighting is as important as placing the light source.
6.    Use colour boldly for accessories as well as in planting – you want impact!
7.    Integrate some attractive fruit and veg – it’s not only quirky to see courgettes and strawberries in a town garden, but deeply satisfying to eat them too.
8.    Make sure you have plenty of evergreen plants with attractive leaves and colours – flowers are wonderful, until they’re gone!
9.    Treat pots and planters as you would a work of art – chose them carefully, with taste and look after them
10.    Finally resolve to keep it clean and tidy, so make sure you create a space for junk and the unsightly necessities we can’t avoid.

Bistro Set in blue