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Garden Trading

A Day at a Garden Trading Photoshoot

The energetic Garden Trading team are very used to creating a stage set home and garden space for the annual diary of international shows to display our beautiful range but here we have put together a behind-the-scenes look at one of our recent photoshoots, shot on location in South East London. It shows some of the very real effort, energy and passion the Garden Trading team put in and may dispel the myth that a photoshoot is a leisurely day out of coffee drinking and debating the best angle for a shot…

Pre-production and planning is everything and started weeks before with Sarah, our Head of Product Development and Gemma, our Graphic Designer meeting to get ahead on the logistics and coordination of the day. Tasks included scouting for the perfect location, organising product and shot lists with a seemingly endless list of props; from the perfect wellies, plant and scarf to even the right type of coffee packet and food to allow for various styling combinations on site.  All these ideas were fed back to the Marketing department to ensure we cover off both new products for the website and catalogues and that no photo opportunity is missed.

With the Garden Trading van loaded up the day before. The day of the photoshoot itself started with the keen team of Dave (Driver), Mat (Marketing) and Gemma (Graphic Design) leaving their homes as early as 4am to get to our Oxfordshire head-office for a 5am departure. The contrast from rural Oxfordshire was stark as we fought our way through early morning rush hour traffic to arrive at our London location at 8.30am.

The location itself was a sight to behold. A spacious double fronted Victorian house. Each room being carefully planned out with multiple panelled walls and varying textures to keep every shot different, and fortunately for us a large driveway for easy parking and unloading. After a swift strong coffee and walk through the key rooms we would use, the team cracked on with unpacking the van and placing products and props in accessible locations. Very soon the calm of the spacious venue had vanished in a sea of boxes, but knowing how time just seems to disappear on these shoots, we had planned the shot list to allow our photographer to get started on the more straightforward setups.  The key on these tight days is to ensure that the team is continually setting up the next shot and clearing the last, to allow Ben our trusted and legendary photographer to move smoothly from shot to shot.

Sarah and Gemma work in tandem with Ben to style and consider every element of each shot allowing Ben to work his magic and get multiple angles to showcase the new AW18 collection including lighting and furniture that will arrive later in the year.

We spent a large portion of our morning in the spacious kitchen which was totally bespoke and cleverly styled with a photographer’s eye, containing varying colours and textures. After a complete rearrangement of the space to work around the unexpected bright sunshine with a full overhead lighting rig constructed, the room complimented our Chilson Table and Hoxton Lights perfectly. 

Huge credit must be given to Dave our tireless Warehouse hero, who after one of the earliest starts and driving the team through busy traffic, was straight to work in setting up the large and heavy Chilson Table and Bench Sets and worked non-stop, all day in any way he could.

Whilst Mat wired lights; Gemma was taking some of the behind the scenes photos you see today, plus making sure the photography matched our marketing needs and was consistently on-brand. Sarah coordinated all aspects of the fast-paced morning and Garden Trading’s Managing Director Jon Holloway arrived post-central London business meeting to see how the day was going... The team was really pulling together. 

After a seriously productive morning, there was a slight lull as we feasted on Sarah’s homemade sausage rolls and an array of ‘snacks’ and drinks in the location's luxurious large garden…which now also contained an explosion of Garden Trading packaging and the rearrangement of furniture previously from in the kitchen. The stack of boxes, extension leads, props and general clutter behind each shot belies the calm of the finished photo, whilst Ben’s soft rock playlist in the background calmed the frantic pace!

Mid-afternoon, we began on the lifestyle shots of some of our new Brompton kitchen range inspired by London Foodhalls with their generous marble counters and brass fittings. This was a key reason we had selected this particular kitchen with is dark cabinets to match in with our new canisters and marble lids. The cakes and meringues came into their element…See below a sneak peek at our upcoming Brompton collection, which will be available in both a Chalk and a Carbon colour.

Knowing we were on a tight time limit with the venue, the countdown started and photography and packing away continued as dusk arrived with the final hallway shot becoming the parting photo as we loaded out into the van. The tired team finally arrive back at their homes at 9.30pm, exhausted but fulfilled. We established a new internal record for the number of shots taken in a single marathon day! We hope when you see the results of the hard work you will be as pleased and proud of it as we are.