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3 Shades of Grey

The colour grey is getting its chance to shine this weekend, with the long anticipated release of the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ film. We thought we’d share the Grey love with our ‘3 Shades of Grey’…

According to colour psychology experts, grey is an unemotional colour. We’re not sure we agree with that verdict, thinking of the terrific shades of grey in rolling wintery thunder clouds, the glossy sheen of pebbles on the beach and warm, flaky ashes of a fire in a cosy lounge.

We do however agree that grey can be seen as a calming colour, creating respite from otherwise chaotic surroundings; and it is this element that we have tried to bring out in our shades of grey.


This cool calming shade is an easy to live with soft, white, delicate grey with a glossy finish, evoking the sheen on oyster shells and beach faded pebbles. Its neutral light grey tones mirror the landscape of its home, the Sussex Downs, where flint has long been part of the natural colour scheme and can even be seen in the façades of the great buildings at glorious Goodwood House.


Only one tone away from black, our perfect shade of matt coloured grey will have you reaching for the nearest sofa, enveloping yourself in warm winter cashmere.  This fireside colour is all about soft shadowy flannel trousers and the warm smoky darkness of burnt wood. Perfect for this time of year!


Working well with neutral tones, slate gives a clean, sophisticated look to both vintage and contemporary interiors and gardens. The slate table top and serving collection is a favourite in the office and adds some instant glam to any occasion.

 It’s not quite 50, but it’s a start!

Flint Canisters