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The Great-British potting shed

The Great-British potting shed - and 10 practical must have shed items!


We assume that Britain’s numerous ‘shed enthusiasts’ will be rejoicing in the knowledge that National Shed Week is upon us! This week the likes of Kevin Macleod and Sarah Beeney will be deciding on which of the nation’s thousands of entries will become Shed of the Year 2013. And this isn’t a cue for a joke,it’s a genuine shed-fest, with shed-mania and shed-chic quickly becoming part of the British culture.

But just what is it that has elevated the humble garden shed into such an icon… and why do you need one?

Let’s start at the beginning … for thousands of years, people have sought retreat from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Today, that need is arguably greater than ever, and the rise of the garden shed owes some of its cultural popularity to people’s need for some peace and quiet. There is a particular sense of calm and intimacy that comes from simply being in one, but more than anything, the humble garden shed is a highly practical part of any garden and it’s this aspect we’re going to focus on in this article.

So, down to the practical benefits … Simple. A shed allows you to keep everything dry, safe, organised, in one place and out of sight. But, the secret to all these benefits is to have your shed loaded with key items.

So, here’s our practical list of shed must-haves to turn your shed into the HQ your gardening-habit needs.

1.    Drawer storage–you need drawer space to tidy away all your small gardening bits and bobs, otherwise you’ll never find them again.
2.    Potting table – this is a potting shed after all so you’ll need something to work on.
3.    Bulb tray – more useful than you might think as many bulbs benefit from overwintering in a dark, dry place.
4.    Trug – ever wasted half an hour looking for your secateurs? A trug allows you to keep all our small garden tools together while pottering around the garden, and they look great too.
5.    Seed box – will keep all your seed packets tidy, in one place, organised and away from the damp and rodants!
6.    Plant tags – gardeners can’t be expected to remember everything they’ve planted.
7.    Tool Hook rail – instant, handy hanging space for all manner of items from gardening tools to watering cans to your favourite hat.
8.    Shed sign – maybe not such a practical item but we like it!

So whatever you’re doing during National Shed Week, maybe make some time to enter the spirit and treat your shed to a new accessory or two!

The Potting Shed