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The Great British Post Box

The Great British Post Box!


The Post Office first encouraged the British public to have post boxes at home way back in the mid-1800s. We’ve come a long way since then, with on the one hand email decimating the hand-written letter but on the other online shopping has more than made up the numbers.

A few years ago everyone predicted the demise of the postal system, in fact it’s growing faster than ever and therefore your post box is as important as it’s ever been. Still now, the postman’s arrival heralds a sense of occasion!

And for the 10% of UK households that don’t have a letter box in their front door (much higher in N America), a wall-mounted post box becomes the focus of a great deal of attention. And, as it happens, we think we’ve got our selection of post boxes right, on both looks and security!

So, whether you’re down a windy path in a village,behind some security gates in a city or in a block of apartments … the cool post box is making a bit of a return.

Take a look at our collection below…all can be hung to a wall, gate or fence and contain security features, some with keys. They are sure to impress your postman and cosset your mail in a piece of great design!

•    Metal Post Box in gooseberry – in a lovely soft green, this vintage designed box looks great in any setting.
•    Post box with lock in clay – comes with a hidden security lock and key.
•    Post box with lock in galvanised – if you’re taste is a bit more industrial, this is for you.
•    Reclaimed Teak Post Box – designed to last a lifetime, with the natural great look of teak.
•    Wooden Post Box with a zinc top – a charming post box made from spruce with a contrasting zinc top.



The Great British Post Box!