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Transform your home with pendant lighting

The 5 best locations for pendant lighting


Get pendant lighting right and your home will be transformed.… but pendants are notoriously hard to get right. Whilst you can use them almost anywhere in the house, hang them in the wrong location and they, well … just look conspicuously out of place.

But don’t fret, it’s easy when you know how, so here’s a guide … the where, when and how of pendant lighting, and the 5 best locations to get the most out of them.

The first important consideration is to understand that their aesthetic is often more important than their actual function. Shape, size, colour and texture, important ingredients in any lighting, suddenly become even more so, the moment they are dangled from a ceiling. It’s very easy to find yourself in the ‘overdesigned’ category with pendants, and our advice is to stick to classical shapes, avoid too much shine and never hit the ‘oversize’ button on a whim!

The 5 most popular locations:

1.Kitchen Breakfast Bar
Kitchen lighting is probably the most popular area for using a pendant light. The shape of a kitchen breakfast bar lends itself to a statement and this where ‘the rule of three’ is best employed, three identical pendants in a row. Statement time!

2.Dining Table
A perfect excuse to go to town on a strong, large pendant light. It will help define the table from a distance as well when dining. If you think your table can handle a set of three, that’s fine, but the general rule is that one creates a cosier look. A dimmer switch is essential.

3. A soft seating area
A low hanging pendant light is a perfect way to unify a corner of a room with seating. It will help define the space and signify a change of mood from the rest of the room. Don’t go too ‘dramatic’, it’s about creating a soft ambience.

In areas where ambiance is wanted along with task lighting, add a dimmer onto your indoor lights for versatility of controlling the light output.

4.Kitchen island
If you have a breakfast bar as well as a kitchen island I’m afraid it’s a no-no to go for pendants over both – it will just look too much.But pendant lighting over a kitchen island is a great solution, not least because it’s difficult otherwise to organise task lighting. Rule of three applies here too, three is a row is a good look!

Not the most obvious place for pendant lighting but when space is limited they can be a way to eliminate the need for a fiddly bedside lamp arrangement and help free up floor space. Place one either side of the bed, rather than one in the middle and again a dimmer should be used to create some mood lighting.
The 5 best locations for pendant lighting